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The relationship between human and horse is unique. Studies have shown that interaction with horses can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve general wellbeing.

Aside from the physical benefits, even the most basic connection with a horse has proven mental and emotional benefits. Horses are naturally social animals and possess an incredible ability to recognise human emotion. Horses can help people form trusting relationships, feel more confident in themselves and relate to the world around them.

We are teaming up with Horseback UK and Hartpury College to further the work of Horseback UK and formalise the work being done within the area of Equine Assisted Therapy.

In 2021, Tedworth Equestrian Centre successfully delivered:

- 3 week long veteran courses to aid veterans suffering from various physical, mental and emotional difficulties 

- A weekly enrichment session for Icknield school for students with severe learning difficulties enabling students to learn aspects of stable management and riding

- A trial for Wiltshire Council's Get Out Get Active campaign enabling people of all ages with a variety of backgrounds to come to the yard and be around our wonderful team of horses- this has now developed into 3 full programmes starting late 2021 and going through to 2022

- Continued support for Tedworth House Help for Heroes with scheduled ridden and stable management sessions

If you would like any further details on any of the above current programmes or have an enquiry on future programmes, please do get in touch with our office.

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