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What should I wear?


Most important is a correctly fitting, Pony Club approved standard, riding hat. Here at Tedworth Equestrian Centre you are able to borrow one of our helmets if you haven't got your own. If your hat needs a hat cover, just a plain dark blue or black one. Don’t forget to tie hair back neatly.


A pair of jodhpur boots- black or brown. They have a smooth sole and small heel which helps stop the foot slipping straight through the stirrup iron, or getting caught in the iron if the rider falls off. You can wear a pair of plain half chaps as well, if that is more comfortable or a pair of long riding boots.


Gloves are important to protect your hands and help reins from slipping through the hand – especially if your pony likes to put his head down to eat!


Beige, cream or plain, dark coloured jodhpurs. You can wear a shirt and pony club tie for rallies, but most people wear our maroon polo shirts with a navy blue pony club sweatshirt. If you need a coat, it should be suitable for riding and a plain dark colour. Our branded clothing will be launched very soon- so watch this space! 


What will we be doing?


In our main Pony Club rallies, we will have 2 hour session where we will ride and work on some of our stable management skills.


Coming soon there will be the opportunity to take part in badge rallies. These rallies are specifically planned to work towards riders achieving one of the many badges on offer. Badges are awarded to riders that can show competency in this area.


Our ridden sessions will start working towards taking some ridden assessments laid out by the Pony Club. The assessments will help to give our riders something to work towards with their own riding and will have their own sessions designated just to the assessment taking place. Depending on the level of riding assessment, we may also hold mock assessments or training sessions to help our riders achieve the grade.


Many other activities are planned for our Pony Club members- so make sure you keep an eye out for email and EC Pro updates that we will send out in due course.


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